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Enthusiastic customers regularly write Able Garage Door Service to tell us how our focus on customer service, support and products has helped them with their garage door needs. Here is what they’ve had to say!


March 25, 2013|

Removed old garage door and replaced with new one, including new tracks and springs.

Great service, fast response, and great price.


February 28, 2013|

I called ABLE Garage Doors because my door would not go up or down. They were able to come out right away. They found that the spring on the door was broke. They replaced it right away. They were very friendly and they did a great job. I thought it was very affordable. I would definitely use them again.


January 10, 2013|

The technician replaced a gear assembly inside the garage door motor housing, lubricated the rollers and made adjustments to the door movement.

The work was done quickly, the technician was very professional and gave me tips on future garage door care and maintenance. I was very satisfied with his work.


December 21, 2012|

Expert service!! I called Able when I discovered I was trapped in my garage. Service tech was at my house within 30 minutes of calling. My door was fixed promptly. The service tech was very courteous. I will recommend Able Garage Door Service to all of my family and friends.


December 8, 2012|

I had a door panel that was cracked at the top.  He repaired the panel by reinforcing it.

I saw his name on angies list, so I called.  He set up a time to be here on Saturday.  He called before he came saying that he would be coming early.  He got here looked at the door and said the panels are not longer made, but that he could fix it, which he did.  I really appreciate him not trying to sell me a new door, but rather taking the low cost route of fixing my existing door.  He is a very straight forward competent worker.


October 10, 2012|

Tim showed up right on time and was prepared to get started right away. He was done in 30 minutes and it works GREAT! Not only did he complete the repair but he serviced the door as well. After he was done he graciously offered to service the garage for the other door and did not charge me. This guy is good.


May 10, 2012|

My garage door closed one evening and would not open due to a broken spring. W were unable to manually get the door open (one spring was still working). I found Able Services via Angies List and called them, they responded promptly and said I would be third on their list the following morning.

The service tech called about arriving early, made a fair and accurate assessment and estimate of the cost. He suggested replacing both springs rather than just one, I already knew this was an accurate recommendation and followed his advise.

He performed the repair quickly and checked the overall condition of the door. He checked the overall adjustment of the door and showed me how to get it open manually if a single spring failed.

Great tech, service and reasonable price. The Able Garage Door Sticker is now on my garage door.


April 27, 2012|

I managed to get my garage door off track and stuck shut and he put it back right and even adjusted the spring tension to accommodate the insulation I am planning on adding to the door.
Member Comments:
Tim was awesome.  I had messed up the door after coming home from work ~6 pm I called and left a message with him and by 6:20 or so he called back and said he could be there first thing the next morning 7am.  We had wanted the first call of the day and he accommodated  us so we could both get to work on time.  Well he showed as he stated at 7 am and was done by 7:40 am.  And only charged $65!  Just awesome!  On top of all of that the garage door is softer than before, bonus!

April 13, 2012|

Replaced broken door hinge.

Tim came out and fixed the door quickly and inexpensively. I would definitely recommend.


April 9, 2012|

I live in a 25 year old house. I just happened to look at the (probably original) garage door lift cables one day as I was walking by. Those are the steel wires that run from the bottom of the garage door on each side, to a pulley or a drum above the door, and actually lift it up. They are made up of multiple strands of steel wire. As I looked at the cables closely, I discovered that one of them was badly frayed. A majority of the steel wires were broken and the heavy (close to 200 lbs.) double-wide door was being lifted on one side by less than half of the original cable. An accident waiting to happen!

Note to others…check your own garage door lift cables once in a while. It is a lot cheaper to replace the cables than to repair damage to your car if the cable breaks while your car is under the garage door. Or if a person or pet happens to be under the door when the lift cable breaks and is injured…I don’t even want to think about it.

I checked Angie’s List and saw a lot of good comments about Tim Hale at Able Garage Door Service. So I called him and set up an appointment for the next afternoon.

Tim arrived the next afternoon, a pair of lift cables in hand (you always replace them as a pair) and quickly set to work. In about 30 minutes he had replaced both lift cables, adjusted the torsion springs, checked the tracks for proper alignment, readjusted the down and up forces, and adjusted the safety reverse pressure sensing. He also lubed the rollers and hinges and suggested that I do so annually.

We gave him a check and he was on his way in about 35 minutes.

Tim Hale has over 15 years of experience in garage door installation and repair work

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