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Able Garage Door Service Tucson

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Enthusiastic customers regularly write Able Garage Door Service to tell us how our focus on customer service, support and products has helped them with their garage door needs. Here is what they’ve had to say!


February 8, 2021|

Thank you to Tim for getting a tech right out to me the day before New Years Eve to fix a broken door, and to JR who extended his day by a few hours to get that door repaired so I could get the car into it over the long weekend. They provided the best service! Shari


January 15, 2021|

They came same day I called and fixed the gear to my garage very quickly! Gave a good price for it too. Would definitely use them again and highly recommend!


August 18, 2020|

Our garage door was stopping mid-cycle. Tim Hale arrived on time and quickly determined the problem was one of two issues – one expensive to fix and one less expensive to fix (the lift module). It was the latter (hurray!). While here, he also replaced the door seal and showed me all of the places to lubricate to keep the door running at its best. The repair bill was very reasonable. I highly recommend Able Garage Door and Tim Hale.


June 23, 2020|

WOW WOW WOW.  Called Able on Monday my double garage door was stuck when the middle wood came out of the wall and jammed against the door.  He said he could do it tomorrow early in the morning and I said great.  His name is Tim, he is the owner, he text me and told me he was on his way would be here in 15 to 20 min. He said he would be here at 9 AM he was here exactly at 9 AM, you just don’t find that anymore around here. He look the situation over and started to work wow what a job it was he was up and down his ladder I don’t know how many times I was just tired watching him. I told him about the other door Looking like it was going to come out the same place and he asked dude I want that fixed and I said yes he got right to work and fixed that door. He knew exactly what he needed to do and made sure that both doors worked very smooth and correctly. He was very pleasant and explained things to me which I appreciated. After an hour and a half of working nonstop this man gave me the bill and my false teeth just about fell out. It was so Dag gone reasonable. I am telling you you cannot go wrong by calling Tim for your garage doors.


November 6, 2019|

We have used Able in the past for service and they have always been responsive. We recently decided to replace our doors. The price, quality, and installation was perfect for us. We would recommend them, without hesitation, to others.


October 23, 2019|

Best local business, service, and professionalism – by far! As a brand new mom, and new homeowner, I accidentally hit our garage door (apparently, it was not properly aligned, and had not fully raised, and this had missed home inspection). Very bad day.

The Able team came out soooo quickly and instead of price gauging me, or forcing me to get a new garage door and system (which they could have … it was baaaad), they simply fixed the dent, re-aligned the door and let me go on with my day at an extremely reasonable price.

It’s been almost a year now, and the door still works perfectly every time – thanks to the team at Able.

Came ASAP.

Earlier quote from another company was between $300 and $1700! Also needed to order a list of parts. Able performed repair on the spot and charged $165.
Another favorite company to add to our list of preferred service companies. Thank you Able!


March 25, 2018|

I just want to give credit to Able Garage Door services…fast, friendly, trustworthy, local. The fellow came over right away and fixed our garage door. Would definitely refer.

– Cori Collins


February 3, 2018|

Tim was going to schedule an appointment to fix my garage door for Monday but since he was in the area he ended up fixing it the day of the phone call! Definitely going to be using him for any upkeep!

– Anthony Valenzuela


February 1, 2018|

We were pleased with the promptness of Tim’s visit and the quality of the work. Being a Mr. Fixit guy myself, Tim had no hesitation with sharing the nuances of the task. He knows that maybe people like me CAN tackle this, but it would be an all-day affair to learn as I go. His efficiency was well worth the very reasonable cost of his service.

– Byrd Staword


August 5, 2015|

Michelle Ruiz  Excellence service!!!! He replaced my spring in no time, thanks you!!

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